Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from January 2010

Continuing my long-running series of old photos from ten years ago

In January 2010 we took a short break in Inverloch, south Gippsland.

The South Gippsland Tourist Railway no longer runs – it suspended operations in December 2015 apparently due to a lack of funds. Here are some snaps from when we visited.

South Gippsland Tourist Railway: timetable January 2010
South Gippsland Tourist Railway: diesel rail car at station, January 2010
South Gippsland Tourist Railway

Back in 2010, Bentleigh station still had its level crossing. Metro had been running the trains for only a couple of months, but the Connex signage from the station sign was already gone. Note the generic branding on the train.

Bentleigh level crossing, January 2010

Some other branding was still in transition. This Connex-era poster had Metro stickers on it to cover up the old web address and logo.

Frankston line platform information, January 2010

Flinders Street station (in its current incarnation) was celebrating its 100th birthday, and in the display cabinets in the Degraves Street Subway (often used to exhibit art), was a display – including a familiar logo.

Flinders St station history display

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