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Old photos from December 2008

My regular post of ten year old photos

The smiley in the sky (first posted here)
Smiley in the sky

Tram of the beast (First posted here)
Tram of the Beast

The next station is Connex
The next station is Connex

Back when the trams were battleship grey, and they used obscure route numbers like 47.
Tram in Collins Street, December 2008

In December 2008 a brand new bike parking cage was under construction at Bentleigh. It would be demolished just 7 years later as part of the rebuilding of the station.
New Parkiteer cage under construction at Bentleigh, December 2008. (Demolished: 2016)

Selfie on a train
Selfie on train, December 2008

I’m not even sure why I snapped this photo: view of the city from above the Bunbury Street tunnel in Footscray. It certainly wasn’t high resolution by 2018 standards, but you can view it larger here.
Bunbury Street tunnel, looking towards the City, December 2008

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3 replies on “Old photos from December 2008”

That Bunbury Street photo was seen first by me as a good trainspotting location. Maybe that was you, but I don’t think so. I have not been there, yet. A very Happy New Year Daniel. The selfie was pretty cool.

@Andrew, I think many people have used (and continue to use) that spot for trainspotting. It’s certainly got the bonus of being quite picturesque.

I’ll always associate that spot with walking between stages at Laneway and seeing a few trains along the way.

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