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Southern Cross renamed back to Spencer Street

I wrote years ago that it was stupid to throw away 145 years of brand recognition when they renamed Spencer Street station to Southern Cross.

Good news – it turns out they’ve just named it back!

This is a great idea.

The name “Southern Cross” is meaningless.

“Spencer Street” is meaningful, it tells you where the station is located.

Perhaps they’ve been planning this for a while. It might explain why the official station code got left as “SSS”.

I’ve got hold of a draft of the train map, which also has the North/West Melbourne name change included:

New train map including Spencer Street and West Melbourne

Just as with the renaming of North Melbourne soon to West Melbourne, bringing back the old name Spencer Street will help people find their way around Melbourne by train.

  • Update 1:45pm: Yes, yes, it’s April Fools Day. Thanks to my son Isaac for doing the video.
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7 replies on “Southern Cross renamed back to Spencer Street”

Every time I try to get a train ticket to Melbourne I get put on the Indian Pacific and dumped in the middle of the WA goldfields ;)

About time! Now if we could just change Melbourne Central back to Museum everything would be perfect.

Thank goodness that the gubermint has finally seen sense and has returned the station to the name of Spencer Street. Equally good is the the old but new nine carriage train photographed by Marcus. These new long trains will be really good on the Werribee line. Everyone who lives in Frankston and works in Werribee will get a seat. I expect there is some truth in it still being called SSS and not SCS.

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