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Old photos from August 2007

Last day of August, so here is the latest in my series of posts of ten year old photos.

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I think this might have been my first sighting of one of these plastic things on trams, a fitting for a Myki reader.
Myki reader holder on a tram, August 2007

We visited the Moorabbin Steam Locomotive Society with the kids. I don’t think the track layout has really changed since I was a kid. The miniature steam engines are really quite amazing.
Moorabbin Steam railway, August 2007

ACMI had a Pixar exhibition going, with this giant Luxo Junior outside the entrance on Flinders Street (which is no longer used).
Pixar display at ACMI, August 2007

16th August: “RUSH HOUR PAIN”! screams the headline. It was an article about train crowding: A passenger boom has seen the overall number of trips spiral from 124
million in 1999 to 182 million this year – but this has not been matched by more services.

Herald Sun headline, August 2007

I don’t know if mobile billboards have increased or decreased in usage. It seems like a waste of fuel and road capacity to me, but doubly so when the product being advertised is four wheel drives.
Advertising mobile billboard parked in Collins St, August 2007

Someone had clearly got tired of the crowding on the trams.
Sardines sticker on a tram stop timetable, August 2007

At Flagstaff Station, this old Met-era map (with black tape covering up the Port Melbourne and St Kilda lines) was still on display. A number of network extensions are missing, such as Watergardens and Sunbury, as well as the Cranbourne Line. Also missing is Westona (opened 1985), but Werribee (electrified 1983) is included. The separated lines around the City Loop is actually similar to the current maps.
Old Met Map on display in the City Loop, August 2007

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The Flinders Street entrance to ACMI has been back for a couple of years. I had to double check in street view, where I found they had flipped the chevrons around once the door came back.

Speaking of that ACMI door and MIFF, I just love how there’s not a pedestrian crossing across Flinders St at Russell St on the western side. Going between ACMI and The Forum was good fun…

At the time, those plastic myki fitting things were sometimes seen in use as leaflet holders. The opening you can see on the top of the fitting in that photo went all the way to the bottom, allowing the fittings to be stocked with myki information brochures.

Interesting that both Mobiltown Station and Paisley Station are listed on Werribee/Altona Line despite both being closed since 1985. To this day I can’t find any photos of Mobiltown.

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