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Five years ago today: A day on the trains

Five years ago today I posted this video: A Day on the Trains.

The footage for it was gathered over the space of a month or two in the dying days of the Connex Melbourne Empire in late 2009, and it was designed to capture a few scenes I thought might be changing in the coming years.

Obviously some things have changed, others remain the same.

  • Liveries: Connex (Metlink) became Metro (Metlink), and then became Metro/PTV
  • Metcard is gone, replaced by Myki
  • Many of the old CRT screens at stations have been replaced by newer flat screen displays

What else can you spot?

The system has become more busy, with more services on some lines. Punctuality has improved (thanks in part to padded timetables and station skipping), but cancellations haven’t. And transport is just as big an election issue as ever.

PS. I’ve since learnt that the skewing effect of large objects moving rapidly past the camera is called rolling shutter.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

5 replies on “Five years ago today: A day on the trains”

Also: more commuters reading Mx and books, compared to most people being glued to electronic devices these days.

Good male announcer voice replaced with annoying female announcer voice (with no improvement of content…just a new voice)

A distinct absence of AOs clustered around the Metcard gates at City Loop stations in particular in 2009. I had to laugh when I spotted the clipboard-carrying dude in his hi-visibility vest at Richmond station. Some things never change. Loved the video. Can’t believe it’s the first time I’ve watched it.


YES. I want Metro to bring that male voice back. Because he has such a deep voice you can hear it in the crowds easily.

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