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Guess the suburb

Here’s a puzzler for you: look at this lovely old house.

Can you guess the suburb it’s in?


Update 12:50pm: Mike got it, by tracking the posts to my Flickr account!

It’s in Nicholson Street, central Footscray. While I don’t subscribe to the generalisations of the run-down inner-west, I was delighted to find such a house, in such well-kept condition, so close to the retail centre of the suburb — particularly as it seems to be a private house, not requisitioned by a medical centre or university.

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10 replies on “Guess the suburb”

The house to the right is remininscent of my grandparents’ old place in Box Hill, but you know from the absence of a naturestrip, plus the hour parking limit, it’s closer to the city. They’re very shiny, new cars parked on street. I’m guessing Yarraville/Seddon.

Is it within the vicinity of Hoddle St and Alexandra Pde, subject to compulsory acquisition by LMA as part of East West Link?

I guess this is some kind of trick question. If it wasn’t a trick question, I’d suggest Elsternwick.

But as it is, I’ll say Frankston. There must be a few 110 year old houses in Frankston, somewhere.

According to your Flikr account you had brunch at VU in Footscray on the same day the photo was taken at 10:18. The house photo was taken at 11:26. Assuming brunch goes for an hour, and you wandered out back to the station or your car I would deduce that the photo is taken somewhere near VU, so I guess Footscray or Seddon as the location.

Well, that’s disappointing, I would have guessed it because I’ve walked past it, and the tower is fairly distinctive :)

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