Are shop receipts getting longer?

Is it just me, or are shop receipts getting longer?

Yesterday in Target I bought two items (I’ve blurred the details because one is a gift for someone).

The receipt was longer than my arm.

Target receipt

On the bright side, on the back are about a dozen different Shop-a-docket offers.

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I agree. Way too long. Harris Scarf is even worse. I also object to grog vouchers being printed at the end of my Woolworths receipt.
PS does your friend know that you brought their present at Target?

And we are expected to hold onto these receipts, not let the ink fade, for the duration of the warranty period? Ridiculous. What should happen is this:

When you buy something with a bank card, the transaction description should have a unique URL or number. And looking up that URL would bring up the receipt. So when you need to return something, just give the retailer the URL and they can look it up for themselves and know for sure that you purchased the item.

@Jacob – If you know the URL you’ll likely know the date and time of purchase anyway (because you’ll be reading it off the bank statement or from your online bank record). Any major retailer will be able to find the sale in their computer with the card number and date of sale, if they can’t they’re likely not using an computerised register, in which case it won’t be capable of storing an electronic copy in the web anyway.

@Jacob, at Officeworks they’ve started offering to email your receipt to you. Nifty – though I wonder if they later use the email addresses for promotional purposes.

Just back from Coles – as the receipt for the 6 or so things purchased was printed, I grabbed it….. then waited…. and waited…. it just kept coming! I think it was as long as the one you have here. And as Roger says above, I don’t care for the extra vouchers at the bottom of the receipt.

Would be good if receipts could be transferred across the EFTPOS system and stored at a bank for card transactions, and recalled for a retailer when the card is presented. Although this probably provides another opportunity to sell shopping habits back to retailers, Maybe that’s why it hasn’t happened

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