For sale: Idyllic home

What do you think of this house for sale?

Inner-city location, described by the real estate agents as an “Idyllic home/Office”.

House for sale, Kings Way

Very cute.

Wait a minute. Zoom out.

House for sale, Kings Way

Zoom out a bit more.

House for sale, Kings Way

Turns out it’s on Kings Way, dwarfed by surrounding buildings, and almost drowning in passing traffic.

It reminds me a bit of three properties in Caulfield: the last house resisting the expansion of Caulfield Racecourse; a similar one at nearby Monash University Caulfield; and the half-house remaining next to Dan Murphy’s.

(Kings Way house spotted by Marita.)

By Daniel Bowen

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8 replies on “For sale: Idyllic home”

An extraordinary series of photos. I wonder which one the real estate agent will use to advertise the property.
I’m happy living in Hampton, thanks!

This is the sort of terrible heritage outcome that really devalues the whole thing. It’s as though context is irrelevant to heritage; compliance by box-ticking. There’s an example of the same sort of bad architecture on the corner of City Road and Moray St, and there’s another on Bay St in Port Melbourne.

We should either preserve heritage properly, or put something better in its place — poorly designed, cheaply built apartment blocks that will need demolition in 20 years or so, overpowering a building of limited heritage value seems like the worst possible outcome.

Have a feeling that only the facade of this place is actually original… the roof has been reconstructed…to return to what it used to be, but I think I remember seeing just the facade remaining at one point with a big hole in the ground behind it…

The lone house at Monash Caulfield has been bulldozed a few weeks ago. At this stage, it’s a vacant lot, I don’t know what’s beeing built there.

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