Photos from ten years ago

Pics from November 2003

Another of my collections of ten year old photos, this from November 2003.

This rather striking (I thought) image is from near Seymour. I don’t remember the circumstances, but evidently it looked like a storm was coming across the hills. I’m working on a new blog template, to fix some bugs in the current one (yes, including yours Josh) and make it responsive (eg adaptive to different screen sizes such as on mobile phones) and will include this in there somewhere.

Storm coming, near Seymour, November 2003

I assume I snapped this one for Tony & Andrew’s Our Fading Past web site of old signs, only to find that Ren submitted a picture before me.

Melbourne Steamship Company, King Street, November 2003

In the early days of being PTUA head honcho, some of our friends in the media couldn’t quite grasp what my name was.

Darren Bowen

Daniel Bowden

Finally, here’s a snap of Exhibition Street, closed off for the red carpet of the 2003 Australian Film Institute Awards — the local version of the Oscars, but with not quite the same amount of glitz as Hollywood.

AFI awards 2003

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I prefer the caption that has you the Premier of Victoria.
PS That Channel 10 screen-shot makes you look like a 5-day old corpse (not your fault!)

I remember the Adelaide Steamship Company, but not the Melbourne one. Permewan used to be a brand of supermarkets. Small crappy old ones.

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