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Video from my trip to Europe in 1998

15 years ago I got back from my first trip to Europe. Here, finally, are the video highlights.

Daniel’s 1998 Europe trip highlights from Daniel Bowen on Vimeo.

Includes England (south-east, London, and York), Scotland (Edinburgh, Inverness, Plockton), Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam.

Worth noting…

  • The blog posts written at the time are available here: Europe 1998.
  • This was pre-Oyster. Most of the travel around London was old mag stripe travelcards.
  • I can’t help noticing how red my face got when walking in the wilderness of Scotland.
  • Sorry about the picture quality. This was filmed on Video 8, and has come via VHS. This edit excludes most of the footage from visiting my family in England.

3 replies on “Video from my trip to Europe in 1998”

Great stuff! You certainly do like trains.
I have been following your blog for 15 years so I remember your o/s trips.

If that’s London, why does it say Seattle ? Or maybe it doesn’t. It’s dark.
Dodgy Howards.
An excellent video of the danish school

How did you transfer from VHS to computer. With a special video card or something?

I think lots of people have home videos that they would like to save as digital files onto a HDD.

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