Clever placement of Dumb Ways To Die characters in stations

A lot of the unfortunate jellybean characters are depicted around CBD railway stations at the moment as part of Metro’s Dumb Ways To Die campaign. I was amused at the placement of this one:

Clever placement of this #metrotrains #DumbWaysToDie sticker at Flagstaff

…but this one is even better. (Only a short video — don’t bother with the sound; it adds nothing.)

Perhaps I’m easily amused, but that did make me laugh. Very clever.

By Daniel Bowen

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My friend was visiting Melbs and was accosted by PSOs when she lined up a photo of one in the Flinders St Station concourse. They even took her details…

@Dillon – “It’s for our safety, its for everyone’s safety!”… I got harassed for taking some photos in the underground stations a while ago and was told this was the reason. Personally I think the “no photography rule” mainly applies simply because they don’t want you taking photos of late trains, etc. There is absolutely no safety reason that actually makes sense given more than 3 seconds thought.

@Dillon, that’s pretty rough. Metro does have a published photography policy – as Julian says, they don’t like it in the underground stations, but otherwise they don’t mind, though they ask you to print off and keep with you a list of T+Cs as a “permit”. I wonder what the PSOs would have said if your friend had presented one of those.

@Daniel – Nice that they’ve laxed the policy somewhat. It used to be that you needed to fill out a application form and then go and get that form approved.

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