Wheelchair in the Bourke St bike lane heading down the hill

As with the resignation of Ted Baillieu last night, I’m not quite sure what to think about this.

I didn’t see what happened next, but heard no crash or sirens, so presumably she made it down the hill okay.

By Daniel Bowen

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7 replies on “Wheelchair in the Bourke St bike lane heading down the hill”

Many years ago I saw a person in a wheelchair at the very top of a long travelator at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre. At the time I was wondering what would happen next!!

I saw a guy go up the escalators in his wheelchair once – simply popped it up like doing a wheelie and hung on. He had a light, slim chair and knew how to make it do exactly what he wanted. i can’t remember whether it was in Brisbane or Melbourne, but it was at a railway station. Awesome style, anyway.

Footpath would be really slow with that number of pedestrians, probably a good move if you don’t mind the incline! Maybe the on-street parking should be a pedestrian clearway at lunchtime (e.g. no parking, it’s footpath and needed!)

In the area of Southbank where I work, the footpaths are uneven and very difficult to navigate with pram or in a chair. There’s a man in a motorized wheelchair who I frequently see zipping down the the middle of the road, presumably on his evening commute. No helmet, but the street is v wide and not much traffic, so I trust he stays safe.

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