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No old school tie for me – how about old school cuff links instead?

I’m not a great cuff link wearer, but recently I inadvertently bought a shirt that needs them, and I couldn’t find any at home.

I noticed the school Old Boys association sells them, so (I guess to mark 25 years since I did VCE — gulp) I bought some.

Melbourne High School Old Boys Association cufflink

I don’t mind these… they aren’t too obvious when seen from a normal distance. I’m glad I got the plain pewter design though, not the coloured enamel ones… for an old boy design, I think I prefer it to be subtle rather than SHOUTY.

I don’t wear ties anymore. One commenter on a previous post about shirts noted the idea of collecting differing cuff links instead of ties. I’m not sure I’d go down that path, but I would consider getting a few more of different designs.

PS. Any other MHS ’88 people reading, apparently the 25th anniversary dinner is on 31st of May. Hope to see you there!

By Daniel Bowen

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5 replies on “No old school tie for me – how about old school cuff links instead?”

They look great. What a good idea. It may no longer be fashionable to “wear ties “but you still “keep ties” with your old school which is great.
A bit funny that you could read MHSOB as Melbourne High – sons of bitches.
When did the VCE come in? It must have been introduced around the late 1980s – previously is was HSC.

Must admit I have a huge cufflink collection – almost as big as my old tie collection,.

It had never occurred to me that when ties died out a few years back I had substituted…

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