Fast cars

I was trying to get some photos and/or video for a blog post I’m writing. I’m having trouble finding a source for part of the post, so in the meantime here’s a snippet of video from the pedestrian overpass above the Nepean Highway at Moorabbin.

I might be wrong, but it does appear to me that there’s more than one rev head in amongst this lot. But I’d be reluctant to estimate how fast they were going. Any guesses?

I wonder if they realised they were passing Moorabbin Police station?

By Daniel Bowen

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Before watching the video, I’ll predict the Falcon on the left and Commodore in the middle lane are the rev-heads you’re talking about. Let’s see…

And I was wrong! Anyway, the orange and black cars at the start of the clip covered six bits of broken centre line in 1.61 seconds. Those lines are usually at 12 m intervals (9 m gaps, 3 m lines). That equates to 37.5 m/s, or 135 km/h.

It’s possible that the lines haven’t been painted according to the standard, but that would be easy to check with a tape measure along the nature strip. I’ve timed it a few times and I keep getting 1.6 seconds from passing the start of one white strip to passing the start of the sixth strip. As long as the video is displaying at the right speed, it’s 135 km/h.

And checking again after they’ve gone under the bridge, it’s 16 line segments from the light pole on the right to the change in the seal in the distance. That’s 192 m and they cover it in about five seconds, so that’s 38 m/s (137 km/h). Even if we give them six seconds, which will eliminate the inaccuracy of the video timer, it’s 32 m/s (115 km/h), so they were fairly moving whichever way we look at it.

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