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New 40kmh limit on Centre Road: our community is not your highway

The new 40 kmh limit now applies along Centre Road in Bentleigh, 7am to 7pm, every day.

This is good news, particularly as earlier this year it appeared the plan was for it not to apply on Sundays — one of the busiest shopping days.

It’s official recognition that the street is not just for the benefit of motorists.

40 limit, Centre Road, Bentleigh

And it’ll improve safety, and help make the neighbourhood more walkable, as well as assisting public transport interchange, for instance for those changing between trains and westbound 703 buses (for whom there is no convenient pedestrian crossing).

Intriguingly, they also seem to have changed the traffic lights at Jasper/Centre Roads to activate the green man automatically — and not just on Saturdays.

That’s a good move too, a positive for pedestrians (previously one could just miss the lights and have to wait longer) — all these changes appear to be a reflection of the VicRoads “SmartRoads” strategy kicking in… it flags this area as prioritising pedestrians and buses.

PS. Another pic:
Centre Road, new speed limit

By Daniel Bowen

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7 replies on “New 40kmh limit on Centre Road: our community is not your highway”

Can you actually see that 40km sign from the road? it looks like the blinds from the veggie shop are obscuring it…
Also, I agree with the previous comment, that it’s unlikely that you’ll hit 40km/hr in Centre Rd. So, is this signage really a good investment, or more about appearing to do the right thing?

The pedestrians on the westbound 703 bus from Bentleigh are pretty safe on sundays. It doesn’t run.

You can get often 40kmh or more along Centre Road, particularly westbound straight after the Jasper Road lights, and between the level crossing and the western end of the shopping centre.

Good move. Station St in Fairfield has been 40 for a while, and despite the fact that often you couldn’t get to 40km/h, at night you usually can which is when the restaurants are busiest.

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