The Post Office are agents for some mob called “Telecom Australia”

At the post office… no wonder the queues are so long; they even sell lollies now (though I’m not convinced many people are buying them).


…and of course, they’re also agents for some mob nobody remembers called Telecom Australia.


Wikipedia reckons the Telecom Australia brand was phased-out in 1995, so the sign is only 17 years out of date.

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And I wonder how many people these days know what “Philatelic sales” means? Some 7-elevens have a sign “We sell postage stamps” – makes it clearer.

I do some consulting for Australia Post and have passed on the feedback about the sign. You’re right about it being out of date! At least it’s not referencing the PMG!
Regarding “Philatelic Sales” – this is different from selling postage stamps. It is selling for collecting rather than posting. If you’re into stamps, you’ll know what Philatelic Sales means. It would be highlighted here because not every outlet actually offers philatelic sales.

Albeit why they call themselves an “Agent for .. Philatic Sales” seems odd. You’d think that’s a service they offer, unless there’s some central place they go through.

I’ve seen a lot of vehicles going around with old fashioned seven-digit phone numbers recently. When I have the opportunity to take closer inspection, it seems a 9 has been lost, so I think there’s a lot of “fifteen year” stickers around that seem to have worn out now and they’ve fallen off. Maybe the post office did this too :)

Can anyone remember when the Commonwealth changed to that logo? I thought that was likely to be later than Telecom was phased out, which is doubly intriguing

Here in Switzerland they sell Lindt chocolates at La Poste/Die Poste – as well as chewing gum, smaller chocolate bars, Tom Toms, telephones and books.

Even then, those (presumably) additional profits do nothing to reduce the pain of the cost of posting letters and parcels back to Australia….

I haven’t been inside an Australia Post outlet for more than three years, since they appointed their latest dodgy CEO.

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