driving Morons on the road

Pics from the road

This guy must be a Top Gear fan… notably a few minutes later he was seen careering across two lanes, at about 20 kmh over the speed limit.

Do drivers of the BMW 320d realise that it says “pose” upside-down? (Well okay, POZE.)
BMW 320d - "Pose" upsidedown

It just staggers me that people still do stupid stuff like queue over level crossings. Pure idiocy.
Cars queuing across level crossing

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5 replies on “Pics from the road”

I wish I were more surprised by the idiots on the road. It’s now an expectation that I will see one or two on my travels, and I barely drive nowadays!!

I once saw an absolutely classic pimped car, it had the works: black paint, tinted windows, mag wheels, lowered suspension and a vanity plate. Unfortunately the idiot had tried to turn right in front of a tram so the driver side of the car was completely stoved in … the vanity plate? FATED

Some of the drivers of these sorts of cars also think that they can park where and how they please too. Sometimes they take up 2 parking spaces to prevent others from parking too close and possibly scratching their baby.

Ah, the Bentleigh crossing…. I wince every time I hear the express hooting its way down from McKinnon, waiting for a pedestrian or car to get collected.

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