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Funny mining spoof video

Very funny mining video spoof…

…so cutting that when Mumbrella re-posted it, they got legal threats from coal company Xstrata. They demand that Mumbrella takes the video off Youtube, to which Mumbrella points out:

Your note suggests you may misunderstand who has published the video to which you refer. Your demand that the video is removed from YouTube is aimed at the wrong organisation.

We were not responsible for uploading the video and have no connection to the YouTube channel “pourouge12” where it has been uploaded.

In common with several people on social media including Twitter, we were reporting on the video’s existence on YouTube where it appears to have been for the last five days, having already accumulated more than 8,000 views. We have simply made use of of the ability provided by YouTube to embed its content on other sites.

Got a blog of your own? This might be a good video to post on it — see if you get a letter from Xtrata too.

By Daniel Bowen

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6 replies on “Funny mining spoof video”

I do not understand why large companies, who spend many dollars on media advisers, manage to get things so wrong when something like this gets posted. They seem to take action to ensure a clip like this goes viral, or at least is seen by many more people.

Really quite brilliant. It makes me wish I hadn’t let my domain (and by extension blog) lapse.

Don’t like mining? Don’t like coal? Here’s a suggestion: Don’t buy any! You use it to generate power? Use less power!

Just sayin …

Humourless mining company has pressured youtube to take it down for Australian subscribers. I’ll watch it when I get home via an anonymous proxy.

And Ace? I already buy non GHG power. So let me cordially extend an invitation to you to ST*U

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