Chesty Bonds – another iconic brand, now made in China

The Chesty Bond singlet, something of an iconic Australian brand, used to be made in Australia, but is now made in China.

Chesty Bonds: now made in China

I find that a little sad, but I suppose it’s a sign of the times.

I seem to recall hearing on the news the other week that manufacturing as a percentage of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product had fallen from 12% to 8% in recent years, and figures on appear to back that up.

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At least one group of manufacturers get massive subsidies: the car industry. How much? This Productivity Commission report noted:

The estimated total net subsidy equivalent for the automotive industry of $1.13 billion is equivalent to $23 500 per worker, based on employment levels of 48 000 (based on employment data classified by ANZSIC codes drawn from ABS 2007a).

Wow. And that was in 2008… recent grants would imply it’s jumped since then.

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Of you lost your manufacturing job, it’s YOUR FAULT. You shgould have gone to uni and gotten a degree and get a MODERN job for the MODERN world. Like engineering, which guarantees high-earning employment for life.

In unrelated news, QANTAS has announced it’s firing 600 engineers…

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