Tonight I’m going to see Pulp

…along with all the GenXers Common People.

Festival Hall tonight, and part of M’s birthday present. In the all-ages (alcohol-free) section, because that’s where the best seats were! Apparently that’s just how Festival Hall works; I wouldn’t expect a large number of youngsters attending for this old person music.

Looking forward to it immensely. If the buzz (well, okay, the bloke in the CD shop and the lady in the ticket office) is right, it should be a great show.

Update Saturday morning: After an incredibly long wait for dinner at a nearby pub, which meant we missed the entire support act, it was a great, great show from Pulp. Jarvis was in fine form, as was the crowd.

We surprised M by having Tony show up and sit next to us.

Pulp singing Common People

If you have the chance to see Pulp in concert, then do so. Highly recommended.Thumbs up!

Update Age review of the concert. The Vine review.

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7 replies on “Tonight I’m going to see Pulp”

Hope you enjoy yourselves. I’m a touch jealouspuss, but you’ll go off!! Disco 2000 all the way.

I do recall an interview where he was not so polite about Australia, and much more complimentary about NZ. Oh well…he’s always controversial!

Looks like it was a good gig.

Pulp being in the country might explain why Triple J played the William Shattner spoken word version of Common People one day last week when I was driving home. You can’t sing/talk along to that version because Shatner does the Shatner thing and mucks up the timing.

@tony, not polite about Australia? Jarvis’s practically in Oz every year (or every other year). I think he loves Oz too much, Pulp had 2 festivals and 2 sideshows.

@daniel, old person music? Ouch! That hurts. Heehee, I found out about them having Melbourne leg of that reunion from my young students who were stoked to see them live. ( There weren’t any promotionals for their reunion except for a cursory mention from FL-Au. ) And for some reason, my students find Jarvis Cocker hot. Maybe they saw some old 90’s Nme mag and assumed Jarvis stayed that way forever.

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