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The memorial bench

At the University of Queensland this week, they installed a park bench, a memorial to my father, who studied there and was editor of the student magazine Sempor Floreat sixty years ago this year.

Dad's memorial bench at UQ

Dad's memorial bench at UQ

Dad's memorial bench at UQ

I’m told it’s beside the lake (obviously) next to College Road, close to the intersection with Staff House Road.

Judging from the pics, I reckon Dad would have liked the spot, though I bet he’d have his head buried in a book rather than be enjoying the scenery.

I’m hoping to get up to Brisbane later in the year with the family to see it for ourselves.

Many thanks to the Property & Faculties division of UQ for being able to organise this for us.

By Daniel Bowen

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What a great memorial to your dad! And such a peaceful spot. If ever I visit UQ, I shall make a point of seeking it out and spending a few minutes there enjoying the view and reflecting on your dad’s life. Thanks for posting this.

yeah, quite touching and very nice. Is there any special reason they did this for your father (obviously 50 years is a milestone in itself) or is it something U of Q do for past staff?

Daniel I can confirm that is a lovely spot. I used to walk down past there every day when I was at uni. It’s very popular around there to chill out between lectures or in lectures depending on the topic :D

And yes, that is a lake!

thanks for clarification.
I believe that my dad’s name is written on a board somewhere in Manchester railway station along with hundreds of other WWII veterans’ names.
A bench seat is a great tribute and much more practical.

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