Some pics

It’s too damn hot, so here are some photos from last week’s jaunt down to Inverloch.

Uh oh — he lives! Spotted this in Cranbourne:

Uh oh

In Korumburra we found this company who appear to have named their business after Net Speak’s “Be Right Back”… complete with an actual BRB message in the window:

Korumburra sign

This was one of the signs in Inverloch. Especially amused by the layout of the word “Poo”:


When we got home, we found this in Bentleigh. Next time they update the Google Streetview photos, watch out for me, standing opposite the post office snapping a photo with my phone. Maybe you’ll be able to see my Tintin t-shirt (if they don’t blur him out!)

Google Streetview car, Bentleigh

By Daniel Bowen

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We spotted a Googlemobile twice on our recent trip to Margaret River. It’s obvously time to update their Australian streetviews.

A really good use of Google’s immense computing power and its fantastic web sites would be to show us where its camera cars will be next, so that we can get in the photos.

Why is “Doctor Who” amongst the tags for this entry? I concede his deserving to be anywhere he wants; I just don’t see the relevance.

I know someone associated with (see Daniel’s post on 26 November 2009) and he has suggested that they let people know when they are going to do a flyover so that people can spell out “Hi Mum” on their roof/lawn/whatever. Can you imagine how much fun people would have with that??

I’m pretty sure there’s a Tardis (if not yet, there’ll be one soon) relatively near the Saxon car… and maybe the Google car will pick it up somewhere :P

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