One step closer to escalator victory

Seen at Flagstaff station:

Metro escalators sign

“Stand to the left of the escalator”…

Now to get signs saying that on the escalators themselves.

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Yep. My recollection is they said “Stand on left; walk on right”.

Perhaps these days they couldn’t suggest people walk, due to liability issues if someone fell (that was one of the reasons cited for their removal), but at least “Stand on left” signs would help prompt those not walking to keep out of the way of others.

I always thought that the London underground decision to have people stand on the right was strange. Not that it really matters, but drivers are used to “keeping left”.

Anyway, they have prominent signs, and for the most part people obey them and you can walk down the escalators. They have so many people to move, any small efficiency gains are amplified manifold.

Well lets all flood the Metro feedback line with a suggestion that the signs go back. With a new company wanting to make a difference there may well be a result.

From memory, this issue was raised at one of the Connex “meet the managers” sessions, and their official response was that the manufacturers of escalators don’t recommend the unbalanced load of one side standing and other side walking for maintenance reasons. Someone should tell the operators of just about every other “Metro” system in the world that.

Like Jayne says.

Now that they come with instructions for use, the escalators ought to run at full speed 24/7 rather just at peak hour.

Hehe..Parliament Station in rush hour, and a gaggle of japanese girl exchange students all stacked up of the right hand side of an escalator chattering to each other. Boy, were there some thunderous looking (officeworker) faces stuck behind them. If I had a $$ for every time a watch was checked I would have enough for a meal at Rockpool for two!!.

Melbourne Central Station last week:

Rushing Girl to Right Standing Girl: Excuse me!
RSG: Yes!?!
RG: Can I get past please?
RSG: I’m standing here!
RG: Can you move over please?
RSG: There’s no room…
(I move back a step to create room on the left)
Me: Here’s some room
RSG: I’m not left-handed so I can’t move over…

We’d got to the bottom by then…
Some people…

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