The AMEX ads are freaking me out

The American Express ads are still freaking me out.

American Express advert

(Advert spotted here. It includes Laura too.)

By Daniel Bowen

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5 replies on “The AMEX ads are freaking me out”

I find the most annoying ads on the Fairfax sites the ones to the right of the article which start playing *without* you clicking on them.

There’s one for nicotine patches or something that starts playing a voice “so, you want to quit smoking” unless you stop it right as the article opens.. which is kind of embarrassing when you’re in a room with other people!

I don’t have to worry about this sort of thing happening with MY very uncommon name. In fact I have never found my name printed on a fridge magnet, keychain, coffee mug, mini license plate,or any other object or trinket that is printed with common names and sold in gift shops from revolving displays. I have looked at these displays in gift shops since I was very young and they seem to have every name but Jed available.

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