Poor Mr Pictogram

Poor pictogram man; he’s obviously in a state of complete despair over the loss of his car. I wonder if he’s based on someone real?

Unlucky pictogram man

Has anybody compiled a web site of unlucky pictogram people? That’d be a fun project.

Actually maybe he didn’t lose his car. Maybe he just got outbid on the signed copy of the Doug Anthony Allstars book “Book” which I’m selling on Ebay. (Was that plug too subtle?)

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8 replies on “Poor Mr Pictogram”

Like it! Which railway carpark is it?
Years ago in Canada I saw a “lock up your valuables” warning sign in a car park which featured a pictogram of a thief that resembled the ham-burglar from McDonalds. As if thieves actaully look like that!

Roger, Glenhuntly station. The sign pole has been bent a bit, which is why the sign is at a slightly odd angle.

Nathan, happily for those who are sick of it, no, no CD with the book!

Keat, that’s excellent, thanks! Have submitted the pic for it, will see if it gets accepted.

It’s not a man, it’s a set of siamese twins (see, there are 2 heads there!) who have obviously had a difference of opinion about where they’ve parked their car.

I love looking for alternate explanations for stupid designs!

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