Bullet time

You may think you’ve seen some cool stuff today, but I’ll wager you haven’t seen yourself in Matrix-style “bullet time“.

It’s part of the new “Screen Worlds” exhibit at ACMI at Federation Square.

Pretty damn cool huh?

By Daniel Bowen

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Went to ACMI last weekend- didn’t see that! Mustn’t have gone down that end! Did see Mad Max’s XB GT Coupe- sorry, big Ford man! For me, the highlight (well, that’s subjective!!), was none other than the most famous match-making robot of the 1980s- Dexter from Perfect Match:
Watch from 6:43.

Funny story! About 3 years ago, Andrew S and I went for a jaunt to the TV and Radio Museum at Mooroduc to see, amongst other things, Dexter! Once we got there, we found out that the Museum had been close for about a year, and that it had gone to Fed Square! So, we went to Fed square, that day, trying to find the Museum, but alas couldn’t- they’d had a 50 years of television exhibit a few months earlier, but had gone since! So all that travel, for no Dexter! So when we found out he was now there- had to go!

Can’t say it was much, Dexter that is, but still had our pictures taken with him! Too bad they didn’t have Melville from Now You See It to complete the set!

What was your opinion on the whole exhibit, Daniel? I thought it was quite good, great display of TV history, with plenty of clips, though was disappointed that the classic Aussie ads didn’t feature this gem:
Being from an Italian background, this one’s important to me!!

Nice that they had the C64 there, the original, not the C64C that I still have, but alas wasn’t working that day! Did you check it out?

Overall, a great display, and one everyone should see! Followed it up by going up to the Eureka Skydeck- also highly recommend- you’ll see Melbourne in a new light!!

I thought overall the exhibit was excellent. The C64 wasn’t working, but I got to play Missile Command and Pong. I suppose they couldn’t include every advert/clip/movie/video game, but there was a lot of terrific stuff.

They’ve closed off the old entrance on Flinders St, the entrance is a bit of a pain to get to now. I don’t know how they are going to manage the big exhibitions.

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