Going to Bendigo

Going with the kids to Bendigo on Wednesday, staying just overnight.

Accommodation worked out, and the trams and gold mine are on the list, but any other recommendations welcome: stuff to see, places to eat etc.

By Daniel Bowen

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3 replies on “Going to Bendigo”

The very good Bendigo Art Gallery, free I think, the beautiful Rosalind Park containing a rotunda and tower to climb for nice views. Lake Weeroona and the cafe are nice too.

I have yet to visit Bendigo. I recently got back from a major road trip. I drove all the way to Uluru, Kings Canyon, and Alice Springs. I saw the Great Ocean Road, Grampians, Adelaide, and Coober Pedy along the way. I saw the cheese place (I forget the name) near Warnambool that you visited and wrote about. It reminded me of being in Wisconsin which has many cheese stores like this. I liked the attached museum. I had a yummy milkshake and bought some cheese to snack on in the car.

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