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A few pics

Nice bit of product placement there, Priceline. (They’re not just in the same aisle, they’re virtually opposite each other.)
Priceline Bentleigh

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth half doing:
Job half done

This advert for (promotion for Advocate, a product of Bayer) was nailed to a tree in the park. You reckon they had permission from Kingston Council for that?
Unauthorised advertising?

If you have to ask how much this super-dooper executive version of Scrabble costs, you aren’t looking closely enough:
Executive Scrabble

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7 replies on “A few pics”

Oh well … I guess you’ll see the new Mars bars and Cadbury blocks in carboard packaging opposite Weight management stuff . After all they were sooooooo concerned about our health and portion control they’ve reduced the size of their products (whilst maintaining the old price too by the way).

Anyway here’s the official spin from Cadbury about the new packaging and reduced size – couldnt find anything from Mars

Wouldn’t be a subtle form of inflation would it???

The sign seems to be aimed at the dog who will be getting up close and personal with the tree rather than the dogs owner.
Wrong marketing target!
Unless dog owners are more like their dogs than we thought…?

Andrew- I remember Mars’ justification completely- a whole page in the Herald Sun no less.

The Mars Charity Foundation generously reduced the size of its Mars bar to ensure that all its standard chocolate bars were under 200 calories, as part of Mars’ commitment to ?healthy food?

If you read the Cadbury spin, they claim they reduced the wholesale price. If you’re still paying the same retail price, it’s because the store made the decision not to pass the savings on to you.

# mike smith on Tue, 11th Aug 2009 9:55am

Cadbury: Itโ€™s all about mouthfeel. Anyone else think that sounds faintly indecent? :)

Have to say, if I wanted mouthfeel from my food, I’d buy a jar of peanut butter!

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