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Twitter highlights part 1

I’ve used Twitter since August 2007. It feeds through to Facebook and generally keeps friends (on FB) and others (a couple of hundred people on Twitter; I don’t know who they all are) up-to-date. Good stuff.

But the danger with these things is that one day the companies involved might go under or lose your data. And ZAP, all your stuff is gone.

Maybe it’s not likely, but it’s possible.

Case in point: it’s near impossible to find old Facebook updates without a laborious process of clicking gradually through them on your Wall. They’re all in there somewhere, but there’s no search function (that I can see). Maybe that’s not important to people, but it bugs me that information that I own is not practically accessible, even to me. (See also: Jeff Atwood on why one should avoid walled gardens.)

So I’m going to start preserving the best of my Twitter posts. Many of them aren’t worth a second thought, but I think some are worth saving. I doubt it’ll be a rivetting read for anybody… but I’m doing this mostly for my benefit.

Here’s the first installment: 2007. In some cases I’ve added notes in [square brackets] and expanded out short URLs so you have an idea of what’s being linked.

August 2007

trying out Twitter — 10:02 PM Aug 20th, 2007 from web

Train is on time, crowded but not packed, unlike the one shown on the back of the Business Age, which I recognise as one of my pictures! — 9:14 AM Aug 24th, 2007 from txt

At home listening to the kids coughing their guts up. — 8:05 AM Aug 29th, 2007 from web

Showed the kids (sick at home) O Brother. They seemed to like it. — 4:13 PM Aug 29th, 2007 from web

Trying to figure out why my work server’s doing strange things. It might be a late night. — 11:27 PM Aug 30th, 2007 from web

Hoping the rain’s stopped for a bit as I should really go into work at some stage. — 9:54 AM Aug 31st, 2007 from web

Getting plenty of exercise. Got almost all the way to the station before being reminded to bring Paul Kelly tickets for tonight. — 10:30 AM Aug 31st, 2007 from txt

September 2007

Talking to ABC: car free idea. Needs PT boost to work well. Filmed getting on+off a tram. They joked about winning a Walkley for the report. — 12:43 PM Sep 5th, 2007 from txt

Bumped from the News! Oh the indignity! Not surprised, they had plenty of other talking heads. — 7:45 PM Sep 5th, 2007 from web

Was on Faine at about 8:50, re: smartcard ticketing over-time/over-budget. Hopefully coherent. Online later at — 9:46 AM Sep 6th, 2007 from web

Just your average lunchtime: chicken roll, can of coke, TV interviews x 2 (2/10). — 12:50 PM Sep 7th, 2007 from web

Taking the damn car for its damn service. Better clear the credit cards for action… always ends up being more expensive than expected. — 7:41 AM Sep 10th, 2007 from web

Train sardine index: 8. — 8:25 AM Sep 10th, 2007 from txt

Car service $197 this time. Not too bad but it sounds like next time will be nasty. — 5:13 PM Sep 10th, 2007 from txt

Heading to Southern Cross station, new train timetable announcement happening now. — 12:14 PM Sep 11th, 2007 from txt

Spoken to 2,7,10. Premier and minister filmed catching a train. Small number of extra services from end of month, 1-2 per line per weekday. — 12:50 PM Sep 11th, 2007 from txt

Hint, whiteys: don’t ask people who look different from you, “Where are you from?”… — 5:56 PM Sep 14th, 2007 from web

So THAT’s what the funny smell in Footscray was yesterday. Hope it wasn’t dangerous breathing it in… — 3:00 PM Sep 16th, 2007 from web

I’m not about to let a little rain stop me walking to the supermarket, but I’d be drier if I’d figured out how my coat’s hood worked. — 6:29 PM Sep 16th, 2007 from txt

Govt will trial free train rides on Sydenham&Frankston lines before 7am. Almost smacks of desperation to get people out of peak. — 10:54 AM Sep 18th, 2007 from txt

Extra trains would help a lot more, and are possible in peak shoulder periods now with existing fleet and infrastructure. — 10:55 AM Sep 18th, 2007 from txt

Expecting to talk about Earlybird train fares on ABC 774 at about 5:20pm. Listen here… — 3:52 PM Sep 18th, 2007 from web

Sigh: Daniel, Frankston trains to the city are delayed at Glenhuntly by 20 mins due to track & signal defect. Connex, Keeping you updated. — 9:11 AM Sep 20th, 2007 from txt

Some indie great games at ACMI Games Lab — 5:02 PM Sep 24th, 2007 from web

Just walked past Lord Mayor John So (he’s my bro) in Bourke Street. — 2:26 PM Sep 25th, 2007 from txt

Damn. Just wasted $6.30 buying a daily ticket because I couldn’t find my yearly… Then found my yearly in… the usual pocket. — 8:59 AM Sep 27th, 2007 from txt

Very nice lamb wrap for lunch, but now I have garlic breath. — 1:29 PM Sep 27th, 2007 from web

Despite the drizzle, big crowds out for the Grand Final parade. Drat, I left my Cats scarf at home. — 12:29 PM Sep 28th, 2007 from txt

Bag found on train. A brave passenger opened, found a passport. I gave it to the driver. Hope it finds its owner. — 7:13 PM Sep 28th, 2007 from txt

Train driver said it had an address so they will be able to track him down. 2nd lost passport I’ve handed in this year. — 7:39 PM Sep 28th, 2007 from txt

GO CATS! 10:05 AM Sep 29th, 2007 from web

What a massacre. Port fans don’t look happy. — 4:38 PM Sep 29th, 2007 from txt

The Cats fans on the train are in a pretty good mood! Biggest Grand Final winning margin ever. — 6:54 PM Sep 29th, 2007 from txt

At opening of new rail extn Craigieburn. — 11:03 AM Sep 30th, 2007 from txt

Had a very brief word to Kosky+Brumby. Speculation was they would announce another rail project, but they didn’t. Sausage sizzle ran out! — 3:25 PM Sep 30th, 2007 from web

October 2007

Chucking at Steve’s use of the word “gunzel” in a news report. — 7:39 AM Oct 1st, 2007 from web [Meant chuckling]

ScottAdams: “At the risk of oversimplifying, our current energy policy in The US involves shooting bearded people” — 75:46 PM Oct 5th, 2007 from web

Groan. SMS claims two trains in a row cancelled (8:17 and 8:31 from Bentleigh to city). It’s going to be a fun commute. — 8:07 AM Oct 8th, 2007 from web

Station host says 16 trains vandalised over the weekend. How about better stabling yard security, Connex? Train packed of course. — 8:46 AM Oct 8th, 2007 from txt

Amazed a CD I have may be worth $155. — 8:17 PM Oct 8th, 2007 from web [It was an ebay listing for DAAS Icon]

Brumby just announced 8 extra trains added to the current order, so 18 new trains arriving from 2009. At last, some relief on the way! — 10:15 AM Oct 10th, 2007 from web

To reach a new audience, why would you put your money in SecondLife, when Facebook’s audience is~600 times bigger? — 7:54 AM Oct 12th, 2007 from web

(Then again, my friends would argue I’ve never been much of a visionary! I initially scoffed at the concept of eBay when told about it!) — 8:18 AM Oct 12th, 2007 from web

Have had SMS “Frankston line trains are now resuming normal schedule after Signalling failure with delays of 5-10 minutes.” 6 times so far.. — 8:36 AM Oct 12th, 2007 from web

Howard about to call election. If you’re enrolment isn’t in order, jump on it right now, you’ve only got a few hours. — 11:05 AM Oct 14th, 2007 from txt

Fed election Nov 24th. Info on close of electoral rolls: 12:07 PM Oct 14th, 2007 from web

Govt announced Nth Melb Stn to Hospitals to Uni/Lygon express shuttle bus to start in March; every 3 mins in peak/6 mins off-peak to 7:30pm — 12:13 PM Oct 18th, 2007 from web

“Politicians are trying to stack the outspoken Public Transport Users Association” — 7:16 AM Oct 22nd, 2007 from web

Watching a lady on the train working on a Powerpoint full of too much clip art and meaningless buzzwords. — 8:30 AM Oct 22nd, 2007 from txt

Given the media’s love for troubled footballer stories, surprised Gary Ablett Snr’s car crash isn’t big news yet — 1:10 PM Oct 25th, 2007 from web

OK so now the Age and HS have caught up and put Ablett on their home pages. Thought it would happen before too long. — 2:16 PM Oct 25th, 2007 from web

Just saw a guy in a rabbit suit strolling down Centre Road. Hookay. — 8:38 PM Oct 26th, 2007 from web

November 2007 – including the Adelaide trip

A little more packing to do. Off to Adelaide for the weekend shortly. — 7:45 AM Nov 3rd, 2007 from web

Train wasn’t excessively crowded despite racing today. Now zooming along freeway on Skybus. Forgot to bring novel to read. — 10:18 AM Nov 3rd, 2007 from txt

Hello from Adelaide airport… Time to find the bag. Weather looks a little grey, but not raining. — 1:23 PM Nov 3rd, 2007 from txt

Hotel room not half bad, nice and roomy. Windows could do with a clean, but great otherwise. Had quick walk thru Rundle Mall. — 3:40 PM Nov 3rd, 2007 from txt

Taking a joyride on the O-bahn. It’s drizzling outside, but not cold. — 4:47 PM Nov 3rd, 2007 from txt

Doesn’t seem to be many restaurants open in Adelaide’s CBD that we can find. Have resorted to Nando’s. Shops shut, not many people about. — 6:37 PM Nov 3rd, 2007 from txt

Back at the hotel resting weary feet watching Star Wars ep1 on the telly. Forgot to buy postcards, will do that tomorrow. — 8:10 PM Nov 3rd, 2007 from txt

Full breakfast for 3 $56! Ouch, might go Continental tomorrow. But fueled up and will head out walking soon. Sun is out. — 9:37 AM Nov 4th, 2007 from txt

Hire Car upgraded to Yaris; seems ok. Now eating lunch in Port Wakefield. Weather nice but windy. Heading back south next. — 12:33 PM Nov 4th, 2007 from txt

Took a vintage tram to the adventure playground. Very cool: flying fox, castle, pirate ship, big slides. Kids burning off energy. — 3:02 PM Nov 4th, 2007 from txt

Back in hotel room munching fruit, watching news. Will go find some dinner soon, after a rest. — 6:30 PM Nov 4th, 2007 from txt

Had dinner in the Pasta Palace in Hindley St. Okay, but I’m going to need to eat salads for a week to catch up on greens. — 8:56 PM Nov 4th, 2007 from txt

At the railway museum in Port Adelaide. Plenty to see here. Prob the maritime museum next. — 11:46 AM Nov 5th, 2007 from txt

Eating lunch in tavern in Port Adelaide. Climbed up lighthouse before. Maritime museum slightly disappointing… only one boat on display. — 1:45 PM Nov 5th, 2007 from txt

At Glenelg on the beach chucking rocks in the water. Must remember to find some postcards. — 4:13 PM Nov 5th, 2007 from txt

On tram back to hotel, pondering dinner. Got copy of The Age to read; that conversation with reporter yesterday was worth it. — 5:21 PM Nov 5th, 2007 from txt

In the airport. The Cup is on the tv, though we may board before it starts. I don’t have any bets on this year. Go “The Fuzz”!! — 2:42 PM Nov 6th, 2007 from txt

My tip didn’t place, but Jeremy tipped the winner, Efficient. Boarding shortly. — 3:06 PM Nov 6th, 2007 from txt

Landed back in Mel, catching Skybus back into town. Quite a few people on board. I’m guessing train will be full of Cup crowds. — 5:15 PM Nov 6th, 2007 from txt

Ah, home sweet home. — 6:52 PM Nov 6th, 2007 from txt

Woo hoo! I may well have a baby niece by the end of today. :-) — 7:27 AM Nov 12th, 2007 from web

My baby niece arrived a couple of hours ago. Mum and baby doing well. — 1:04 PM Nov 12th, 2007 from web

Reading newspaper over lunch. Hmm, the 7:30 Report is on at 8 o’clock tonight. — 12:13 PM Nov 13th, 2007 from web

This morning at my station there are 12 staff present. 2 station hosts, 3 inspectors at the crossing, and 7 checking tickets. — 8:34 AM Nov 19th, 2007 from txt

Summer’s coming; trains are cancelled. Keep an eye on or twitter @MelbTransport — 4:04 PM Nov 19th, 2007 from web

Apparently the aircon at work is broken. Here at home with no aircon it’s 23 indoors, there it’s 26. So I’m glad I’m at home! — 9:45 AM Nov 20th, 2007 from web

Hallelujah! No reduced train services this summer holidays. — 1:17 PM Nov 23rd, 2007 from web

Off to go vote… — 12:15 PM Nov 24th, 2007 from web

Slight swing in my seat, but not changing, unlike the government, if current projections are right. Bring on Kyoto ratification! — 8:27 PM Nov 24th, 2007 from txt

Just bought tickets to Spamalot in a couple of weeks. Expensive, but hopefully worth it! — 5:24 PM Nov 30th, 2007 from web

December 2007

Herald Sun “[Spamalot is] based on the Python film Life of Brian…” Uhhhh… — 10:05 AM Dec 2nd, 2007 from web

M’s building has been evacuated. Fumes coming out of basement.… — 2:04 PM Dec 6th, 2007 from web

She’s out okay, as are all her colleagues; hopefully those unaccounted for have wandered off without being counted. — 2:13 PM Dec 6th, 2007 from web

HS says 7000 evacuated in total, some still trapped in lifts. — 2:27 PM Dec 6th, 2007 from web

Grumble grumble train cancelled, next one late and crowded, grumble grumble. — 12:19 PM Dec 7th, 2007 from web

Who is this Vladimir who keeps showing up in Connex updates, anyway? — 12:46 PM Dec 7th, 2007 from web

M got burgled! Some jewellery and a work laptop stolen (as well as an ancient laptop boat-anchor… heh). — 10:35 PM Dec 10th, 2007 from web

The Commodore 64 is 25 years old. — 7:32 PM Dec 11th, 2007 from web

Just finished some late night system changes… bedtime now, methinks. — 12:24 AM Dec 15th, 2007 from web

Kevin Conrad, what a freaking legend you are, for putting the US back in their box at the Bali conference. — 9:33 AM Dec 18th, 2007 from web

How can the trains be so screwed at 10:30 at night? Next Frankston train in 40 minutes? WTF? — 10:24 PM Dec 20th, 2007 from txt

Bicycles to be banned outright from peak hour (peak direction) trains – all V/Line, and Connex within Z1. — 10:51 AM Dec 22nd, 2007 from web

Merry Christmas from the station formerly known as Spencer Street… Lots of people catching the free trains to the country. — 9:42 AM Dec 25th, 2007 from txt

Enough kersplatting Covenant in Halo… time for bed. — 11:43 PM Dec 27th, 2007 from web

Steeling myself for tomorrow’s boiler… forecast top 42 degrees C… — 10:01 PM Dec 30th, 2007 from web

Recovering after a day of extreme heat and TV cameras. — 5:58 PM Dec 31st, 2007 from web

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Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

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