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Percussion in the park

Yesterday after having a win at Officeworks (they agreed to beat Landmark’s $20 price on Canon ink cartridges by 5%, thus giving me a discount of almost $11 on each of the three I was buying), we took a look at the Sir William Fry reserve.

There were couple of strange metal things near the middle of the park. I felt compelled to whack them a few times to see what notes I could get out of them. (I’m assuming that’s what they were designed for.)

It could be quite a good way to relieve stress, I reckon, slapping the heck out of metal things. Not as good as the Screaming Room, but still not bad.

Thank you City of Kingston.

And thank you YouTube, for allowing anybody to post pointless videos such as this one!

By Daniel Bowen

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8 replies on “Percussion in the park”

Oh wow, somehow I missed out on this one. I believe there also was a lake at some stage bt it dried out?

Those things look like they are some sort of ovens, perhaps?

Are you sure they’re not TARDIS’s… you probably woke up the Time Lords inside. Though if they were, I think the chameleon circuit was on the blink again.

Laughing myself silly thinking they are some sort of weather tool and you’ve gone and made loads of noise and the people living nearby are either rolling their eyes in frustration or ready to chk chk boom you!!

I’m assuming you were price-matching lke-for-like (ie. REAL canon cartridges) like a decent customer, and not having them price beat their *real* cartridges for Landmark’s dodgy OEM generic stuff by pitching a fit/acting indignant/”I am the customer I’m always right” strategy where they agree to whatever you say just to GET YOU THE F*** OUT OF THEIR STORE… right?

Weltall, what is it with you and your accusatory comments? Take a chill-pill or something. Of course it was comparing like for like. Fraud is not a hobby of mine. I gave the Officeworks people the printout (which actually showed both the clone and real products) and waited patiently while they people talked about it amongst themselves to see if they could match it. Kudos to them for doing so, just as they advertise.

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