Old names

Was just watching the footy and noticed that the Sydney Swans have the initials of their old name — SMFC — on their jumpers near the back of the neck. Had previously noticed that the Bulldogs also have this — FFC.

Collingwood doesn’t seem to have it. How many other teams do? Is it a heritage thing? Only the teams that have changed their names? Maybe the footy experts reading will know.

Hmm, I wonder if there are present-day teams from Kerang or Korrumburra that go by the initials KFC.

By Daniel Bowen

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Rae via Facebook: We started it; FFC. There are a few. Brisbane/Fiztroy, Sydney (as you’ve listed), those that have merged or changed like the Bulldogs.

It only seems to apply where there’s been a name change. So Essendon, Geelong etc don’t. Collingwood could have BFC as they were the Britannia FC pre-1892.

And cash-strapped North Melbourne could change their name back to Kangaroos Football Club for a KFC sponsorship tie-in. ‘Hope James Brayshaw reads this blog.

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