Morons on the road

Driving school FAIL

Dear “Number One Driving School”,

You may not be Number One for long if you keep teaching your learner drivers to park in bus zones, then sit there for 5+ minutes.

Driving school FAIL

This pic was taken a couple of weeks ago, and was separate to another noted yesterday via Twitter: You parked in a bus zone then walked past three legal spots to where you were going? FAIL.

And if the Glen Eira parking inspectors want some easy prey, try the bus zone outside Flaked Out fish’n’chips in the evening.

Hey I was wondering — would they give me the power to issue traffic infringement fines? Preferably on commission, but heck, I’d do it for free, just to bring these morons down a rung or two.

Pretty please?

By Daniel Bowen

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8 replies on “Driving school FAIL”

ha ha is that Flaked Out on Centre Rd? I used to live almost next to there and yes, everyone parks in the bus bay and goes in to get fish n chips, pizza or charcoal chicken. Lazy.

AND a dobline for people on their mobile while driving…seriously- just leave it to ring!

Again, some things are the same the world over! :-)

Incidentally, is it illegal to park near a post box (mail box?) in Victoria is it (apprently) is in Queensland? That’s one law we *don’t* have here…….thankfully, as I often stop at them to, er, post letters!

I haven’t checked the laws, but certainly most post boxes have “No standing” written on the road side of them. Dunno about the strict legalities of that though.

Within shopping centres “Mail zone” signage is usually present, as per this pic.

I wish I could issue parking fines… on my cycle commute, the section passing a shopping centre is the least safe due to endemic illegal parking (ie too close to intersections and obscuring the pedestrian crossings) and random vehicle movement (sudden stops, u-turns, changing minds mid maneuver)… even though the traffic is moving slower there than anywhere else on my ride, I still feel most at risk.


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