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End of week shorties

Had to laugh at the Indian protestor talking to Jon Faine on Monday who appeared to inadvertantly use the phrase “Too many chiefs, not enough Indians” (at about the 20:45 minute mark, using the ABC media player’s weird countdown system.)

I haven’t actually seen this week’s controversial Chaser episode yet. But judging from last week’s effort, I think the real problem with the Chaser this year is they’re going too far for cringe instead of for laughs. (The Mumbrella blog agrees.)

Oh, and it turns out that The Mansion on the Comedy Channel did the Chaser idea first. “Reasonable Request Foundation”.

It’s June, which means it’s stocktake sale season. I’m going to go looking to replace a pair of work shoes, a pair of runners (the Eccos have lasted 3.5 years), and my old Canon A70 camera (which is finally giving up the ghost after 6 years of good service). Where does one find all the catalogues and the best prices? Well, clicking on the Lasoo banner at the top of the web page would be a good start!

Speaking of shopping, here’s an interesting SMH article on loyalty cards — the real value to the retailer is what they find out about their customers. I’ve avoided such things in the past, but given I go to Safeway so much I don’t know what to do with all the fuel dockets I get (and often forget to take them with me when I do need to buy petrol), I might consider getting one.

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3 replies on “End of week shorties”

Re the Faine interview, I heard him say that, but it just did not register. The Chasers time has come to retire. When I saw the skit, as I sometimes say to my partner, there will be letters, and there were. Seems terminally ill children are the last sacred cow. Bad taste yes, but haven’t they always gone down that road?

RE: Loyalty cards, I stopped using Flybuys after I realised I’d got nothing from it in 2 years (and I’d started shopping at Safeway). I use the Safeway one, more convenient for the vouchers, maybe you should get one when they start the new frequent flyer thing on the card…..all i know is that its “coming soon”

I don’t plan on buying a new camera until I wear the shutter out on the one I have currently (I did that with the last one.) Of course not many people would use their camera as much as I do. Luckily I have an extended warranty so my next camera will only cost $125.

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