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Clare the bogan

One commentator says Claire Werbeloff (the “fully sick” “Chk Chk Boom” Kings Cross bogan hoaxer) is this year’s Corey Worthington.

Uh huh. Well it might be worth pointing out that last year’s Corey Worthington is now an unemployed nobody looking for a labouring job.

Perhaps the best Claire Werbeloff commentary came from the victim of the incident: “I’m just a bit upset about the fact that I’ve been shot and that I almost lost my life and there’s this girl all over the news getting popular all because she has no brains.”

By Daniel Bowen

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10 replies on “Clare the bogan”

With a bit of luck, such bogans will be relegated to areas like Adelaide and Canberra where they can do no harm, say no harm, and drive no harm.

Wow. Fancy a guy who made a name for himself for being a loser, now having trouble finding work? Just can’t imagine why.

It doesn’t look as though this new loser is going to fare any better with her fifteen minutes.

Living in Arizona, I must admit I was a bit lost on this one at first, but after looking at the clip and searching YT for follow-up bits, I now know a little more about the terms “wog” (Australian usage, as compared to the British usage I am more familiar with) and “bogan”…fascinating stuff!

I think Clare’s a legend and has done a fantastic job making up such a tale on the spot. She clearly isn’t drunk (compare her with the two people who appear later in the video) and had sufficient wit to seize an opportunity to have some fun with the media. This girl’s no bogan. I think that term is used too widely these days.

I found it a little disturbing that she was on the radio this morn. Actually invited into the studio for an interview or chat. I do wonder on the mentality of the media who follow these sorts of people.

Like the previous commenter, I also don’t think she’s a bogan, and she was quite clever in her own way to make up the story on the spot, however, I’m lost in the follow up from the media. She appeared on the radio this morn and treated like she did a heroic deed instead of something very silly.

It may have been done for fun, but quite frankly she lied. And now she has been given a pat on the back for lying, by being given time on air. This is more disturbing in my mind, as a parent with a child/ren.

I haven’t found the woman in question interesting at all. But the way she’s being lionized by the media’s more idiotic sections, sheesh! So ditto all of the above comments. I’ll be watcjhing with great interest the inevitable kicking in of the short poppy syndrome when the media start sticking the boots in. Oops, mixed metaphor. Sorry.

Claire the bogan, is a bogan. She lied to the Police and the media made her out to be some form of superstar. Which she isn’t I can’t believe the amount of people making her this out to be fun when an actual person was shot.

She then mimicked a particular race ‘LIED’ to the police and now the Media makes out that she’s this , that and the other.

Somethings not right here?? Isn’t it a punishable offence to LIE to the police??? Ninemsn seems to think that this sort of behaivour is okay, it makes her out to be a true blue aussie bimbo who just hasn’t any idea.

Had this been any other race who LIED to the police you can beat your bottom dollar they’d be charged, locked up. Guess there’s certain rules for some and some for others.

My understanding is that she did not lie to the police. She lied to the media, sure, but when questioned by the police, admitted she hadn’t seen anything. So she can’t be charged with that.

As funny as this story is in a way (obviously not for the victim, etc), what interests me is that no one seems to look beyond the surface with this story. Its confirmed a shooting did happen in Kings Cross on the night, and there were other witnesses apart from her. She denounced her witnessing the event for her own protection – if she had been officially recognised as a witness then retribution from the gangster(s) involved would actually be quite likely. If you were ever the witness to a shooting – enough so that you may be able to identify the culprit in a line-up – you wouldn’t want to be named as the witness when the gangster is still out there and probably very keen not to have witnesses. Its sort of funny how everyone just accepts what the media prints without really applying any critical thinking to it.

people, people, people has anyone ever stopped to think that maybe this claire did really witness this shooting, and without thinking that night went and told all the media what she saw, and now….is worried that the fatter wog with the fully sick cousins is going to chk chk boom her and thats why she came out and told everyone she lied?????????????

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