Morons on the road

A moron in Bourke Street

“No entry” signs? Lots of them? IT DOESN’T APPLY TO ME.

Moron in Bourke Street

Congratulations NOH-500, you are moron of the week.

(Last Thursday, lunchtime)

By Daniel Bowen

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5 replies on “A moron in Bourke Street”

Every time I see an idiot driver do any idiot thing, I tweet the offence, licence plate under the hashtag #dumbvicdrivers

only had one so far but it won’t be long til I see more :)

I find it more amusing than annoying, but it certainly is astounding how many people drive into the wrong places, either accidentally or willingly, and manage to get away with it.

Nathan, have you thought of putting your sightings on

aw, my mum was visiting me from overseas once and she did the same thing. she is a very smart lady, but was driving on the “wrong side” of the road for the first time and the hook turns and the pedestrian malls were confusing to her. she’s no moron :( though i was in the car with her when she did it and i ducked for fear of being recognised by someone on the street…

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