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Friday quickies

Becoming a redneck: I was standing in the midday sun for a bit too long on Tuesday at the rally. Foolishly I didn’t have a hat, and didn’t put sun screen on. The next morning, for the first time in years, I could feel I’d got sunburnt. Not really badly, but enough to cause some pain on my neck and arms when I got in the shower. I’ll consider myself warned.

Maybe this is why I looked so damn cranky in this photo Rob took:
Daniel is cranky

Geek begats geek: Eldest son is now able to solve a Rubik’s cube without help in less than two minutes. (Who did that song about the Cube in the 80s? Was it Mike Brady or someone? Someone should find the details and add it to Wikipedia.)

Top Gear: For someone like me who favours sustainable transport, is watching Top Gear for the humour a bit like reading Playboy for the articles?

Salty: I’ve always thought Red Rooster tasted very salty. This appears to confirm it: It found one Red Rooster chicken and chips meal contained a “shocking” 2800mg of sodium. (It notes the daily dietary target is 1600mg.)

By Daniel Bowen

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8 replies on “Friday quickies”

Be careful with the sun, it burns. On Red Rooster, all that salt? Geez enough to give someone kidney stones.

I find that I’m quite anti-car these days. I recently sold my lovely Mercedes-Benz 300E and prefer to cycle, walk and travel by Public Transport. However, I am a big fan of Top Gear, and even warmed to the Australian version after being cynical when it started. Yes, it’s like reading Playboy for the articles.

You’re looking somewhat like Edward James Olmos there… (sort of)

“We WILL find a decent public transport system. SO SAY WE ALL.”

I got sunburnt at the march too…I blame the UV rays generated by the swarming National politicians (who, unsurprisingly, knew little about public transport and were just present to score political points).

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