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How fit are wii?

Daniel's Wii fitness ageI’m still really enjoying the Wii. The favourite game with the kids is tennis, playing on one side together, though we’re getting good at it and it’s been giving us some pretty tough opponents.

(I can only imagine that tennis purists are aghast at Wii Sports tennis; from the “best of 1/3/5 games” to the explicit explaining of what Deuce is to the always reading out the player’s team score first. Ditto the golf. Do golfers really say “Nice in!” to each other?!)

Baseball I’m not too bad at. I’ve finally figured out how to have a reasonable chance at hitting a home run. Bowling is improving. Golf is still my handicap; I can’t quite figure out how to put just enough power into my shots. I’ve only tried the boxing once, but will again.

The training gives you a mix of all this. But my real addiction is the fitness test.

I’ve been doing it almost every day since we got the Wii. Sometimes I’m absolutely appalling, and get a fitness age in the 50s and consequently feel like an old man. Last night I was 32. But to my surprise, most days it’s somewhere in the high 20s.

Who knows how accurate it is, but it’s nice to think that at least a machine thinks I’m in my twenties.

By Daniel Bowen

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That’s pretty much all we’ve played since I bought a Wii for my family for Christmas, is Wii Sports.

This, despite us also having “Rockstar Table Tennis”, “Medal of Honor: Vanguard”, and some game like Final Fantasy that has dragons in it.

On Wii Sports, I’m great at baseball (I can hit a home run 9 times out of 10), reasonable at tennis and bowling, but I hate the golf (for the same reason you gave) and the boxing (because half the time, when I punch, my on-screen fist doesn’t budge an inch).

Wii Fitness age? Last night I was 26, the night before I was 24. That’s my best score. Worst was in my 60s (I was really tired that day, having just got home from a loooong day at work).

I wish you could play Wii Sports online. That would rock.

Wii sports is great. Have you reached Pro in any of the sports yet? In bowling (the only sport I am pro at) they give you a special ball.

As to the Wii fitness age, it is very dependent on your mood, tiredness, concentration etc at the time you do the fitness test.

Jen, to get home runs have a few goes at the home run game in the training section, and you’ll soon get the hang of it. Having said that, I don’t think I’ve ever hit one in the actual baseball game, but then again it is probably my least played sport.

My Wife and I are tennis pros (she has 1970+ points, I’ve got 1200+). Any time we play tennis now against the Wii, it gives us the same two opponents (one has 2000 points, the other has 1900).

Nintendo Wii is AWESOME, I got one for xmas. I love Mariocart steering wheel. Wii sports boxing and tennis are great.

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