Bad planning fixed

Remember a month ago when I noted the tree planted in the middle of the taxi rank next to Bentleigh railway station?

Bentleigh taxi rank 17/9/2008

The tree forced taxi drivers out into traffic to move up to the front of the rank.

Today I noticed the local council has fixed it, moving the tree back to between the bus stop and the taxis. I don’t know if the taxi drivers complained… but I wouldn’t blame them if they had.

Bentleigh taxi rank 19/10/2008

Or possibly the council had seen my blog. Either way, good that it’s fixed.

By Daniel Bowen

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8 replies on “Bad planning fixed”

What about that pole up near the NAB bank? Isn’t that just as obstructive as the tree previously was? Or is three cab bays enough do you think?

As for the tree, it’s excellent. I think that’s where our local councils excel: making our streets greener. When I was in Britain, I couldn’t help but notice the barrenness of the streets and how ‘cement-focused’ the councils are.

Just beyond the pole is the street corner. Three is about the limit without moving the bus stop — which is right next to the station, and shouldn’t move. Wouldn’t have thought you’d need more spots anyway.

Suits me (presumably I won’t have to catch a taxi to the Bentleigh shopping catchment zone. :)

I had an idea (which I’ll publish on my blog post year 12 exams) that many Melbourne stations should be relocated closer to criss-crossing roads so the bus and the train coincide well. Of course, the whole business of costing etc would need to be carried out, but I would be delighted if Thornbury station could be relocated some 500 metres closest to the nearest bus.

There’s only one taxi in the last shot? Does that mean that someone actually caught one of the other ones!?

I have to wonder if Melbourne has a massive oversupply of taxis for most of the year. You see them sitting in ranks for hours or driving around with no passengers as often as you see one with a passenger. The fares seem very expensive yet the drivers are paid peanuts.

Come December, you’ll get endless whinging about the lack of cabs.

The first shot was taken on a weekday afternoon; the second on Sunday evening. I couldn’t be bothered hanging about waiting for more taxis to turn up.

Could it be something to do with the tree being right out the front of the Rob Hudson MP’s office? Guaranteed the Taxi drivers complained to him, almost certain it would still be there if not in front of an MP’s office!

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