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Ghost trams

Sunday Age storyNot for the first time, a blog post of mine has been adapted into a newspaper story.

Today’s Sunday Age reports on “ghost trams”: On our tramway’s secret service.

Interestingly, Yarra Trams uses the term “ghost tram” for something else already — a tram that’s out of radio contact.

Last year The Age did a story on “ghost trains”.

By Daniel Bowen

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Reuben, please don’t clutter my blog comments with anything!

Andrew, no, I thought it might be a good weekend paper story (a bit lighter than most) and made contact.

The paper version has a short list of just a few “secret” route numbers.

I just thought the Journalist was being lazy to plaugarise your web site! Lucky I read the full story at the source ie your blog! Keep up the good work

> Lobbyists for voluntary organisations donโ€™t get paid.


Still, is writing a piece based on another’s blog post lazy journalism, or are they simply standing on the shoulders of giants? ;)

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