So much for that

So much for Weekly/Monthly/Yearly tickets being valid in any zone on weekends. From January this benefit will be removed.

You’d think they’d be trying not to discourage people from using these tickets, since they help cut down queues and encourage PT loyalty… but it looks like it’s a simplification of the rules to make implementation of Myki easier.

UPDATE. This got reversed. The zone benefit still applies in 2009.

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I’d like to thank Myki for being so disruptive to implement, first for wasting time and money, and now for actually discouraging the use of our public transport systems.

Interesting that they are getting rid of the single City Saver and Seniors Daily tickets too. I don’t object to the latter, though.

You really have to wonder what sort of idiots are developing Myki. For weekly and monthly tickets to be able to travel across all zones on weekends, the code should be as simple as this:

if (valid(card) && (card->type == MONTHLY || card->type == WEEKLY) && (day == 0 || day==6))
return ACCEPTED; /* Ignore zone */

Epic fail, Victorian Government.

Backward steps….

Myki is the Victorian government’s answer to NSW’s T-Card; an expensive white-elephant, highly likely to end up on the scrap-heap and with a cringe-inducing name that presumably marked the high-point of the career of some pony-tailed marketroid.


Just when will we see this MYKI thing finally be put to use??? Will it really be better for the system or easier to use than a metcard? (I don’t expect you to know these things as the people in charge likely don’t know either…)Being able to ride into zone 2 on weekends is one of the things I like about my monthly metcard. Perhaps there will be something to like about MYKI too.

Somebody, I think the Seniors might be objecting though. It’s hardly ideal to ask them to shell out $16.50 in one hit to get the cheapest daily Z1+2 fare — given the recent coverage about how hard up some of them are.

Paul, it’s a teensy bit more complicated, as Myki will cover new regional zones as well. But yes, it’s not rocket-science.

Jed, don’t hold your breath.

I don’t really have my sympathy for seniors in those sort of circumstances.

On another hand, the Metropolitan Student Passes are being extended to cover anywhere from Cann River to Mildura. I guess we will see an increase in kiddy gunzels going on long trips for almost nothing, and a decrease in full fare passengers using their periodicals to an advantage on weekends. Typical.

FRAK you Kosky (sorry Daniel for swearing in your blog, even if it’s a Galactica Swear). I go into zone two ALL the time at the weekend. This totally p****s me off. In fact, just at the weekend we went to Lilydale and did part of the Rail Trail, and it cost us nothing apart from our standard monthly tickets.

Not happy, Lyn.

I’m quite happy to purchase 5-packs of Seniors tickets and sell them one at a time to seniors who want them. They can ring me and I’ll post them. They can either write me cheques or post me coins stuck inside old birthday cards or something.

I too am annoyed about this change, a really silly and unnecessary change at that! The periodical metcard weekend benefit would cost next to nothing to tax payers so it seems rediculous to abolish it and counter-productive to the whole “buy in bulk and save” campaign.

I’m so annoyed that I have created a facebook group that calls on the Goverment to reverse this foolish decision; … 423&ref=mf

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