The dollar’s falling

Obviously I can’t predict any better than anybody else, otherwise I’d be rich, but I wonder if now might be a good time to put any Amazon orders in, before the dollar drops any further.

AUD to USD exchange rate

(Source: Reserve Bank)

PS. Cameron recently pointed out this company, which ships worldwide from the UK for free: The Book Depository. (I haven’t tried them yet.)

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When I went to Hawaii in July the Australian Dollar was at 98 US Cents. How has it dropped so quickly? Economists even predicted that by September 2008 that the Australian Dollar would be on parr with the US dollar, but now it is 86 US Cents.

Fear not! The American dollar is plummeting faster than a Spanish seagull on speed. This means the 36.6% of Americans below the poverty line will vote out someone with more brain capacity than a small teapot.

Actually as an FX trader I can safely say that the $USD is not plummeting faster than….per Reuben.
Inflation is rising in the US. Our resource sector is the only thing keeping the $AUD from falling out of bed.
I’m looking at $AUD below 80c by the new year.

Can absolutely recommend The Book Depository having used them a few times. Found that their books were about half the price of what you would pay here. Postage is free and whilst Amazon’s prices may sometimes be the same or a bit lower, when you add the airmail postage on they come out more expensive. The Book Depsoitory actually quotes Amazon’s prices on their web site so you can compare straight away. Also the books arrived within 4-5 working days.

I still use local book stores like the Sun Book shop or Readings when I want to buy something recommended. The Sun Book Shop staff are especially nice to deal with and have never let me down with their recommendations.

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