Globalised fashion

How is it that the suit and tie is almost global? With the exception of military leaders and some of those guys in the South Pacific who wear skirts, just about every male politician from every country in the world wears one, for instance, and they all look almost identical.


As it happens, I need a new suit or two. Some of my work wear is past its use by date — not necessarily worn out, but I’ve somewhat gone off the whole idea of the mix and match trousers and jackets that I’ve had for the past decade and a half.

Well, I guess I’m particularly thinking of that jacket that looks like it belongs to a crusty old professor (thankfully sans elbow patches).

By Daniel Bowen

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I do know that double-breasted suits are making a comeback. Heaps of people I saw at the football were wearing them.

I have always figured that the tie done up too tight cuts off the bloodflow to the brain – impairing the functioning of said organ.

This explains why so many high-up people (who wear suits and ties) make so many silly decisions.

The world will be a much more sensibly run place when the suit and tie is consigned to the dustbin of history!

Apparently, the Japanese adopted the habit of wearing ‘Western’ business suits after WWII, possibly influenced by the US administration.

>> Who wears a suit to the football, anyway?!

One of the corporate boxes I go to at the footy require it, the other is smart casual.

I’ve not heard a whisper of double-breasted making a come back though, good god that’d be horrible their time is long long gone…

Heaps of people in the MCC members. I have noticed people wearing double-breasted suits, heaps of people are also wearing double-breasted coats

Age 35 – gave up suits
Age 40 – gave up ties
Age 45 – gave up ironing

I hit 50 this year but I’m not sure what I’ll give up this time – perhaps trying to match my socks. That doesn’t leave a whole lot so perhaps by 55 it will be underwear…

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