I can see my house from here

As I’m sure everybody’s heard by now, Google launched Streetview for Australia today. My neighbourhood is certainly in there, as are a lot of other Australian cities and towns and regional areas.

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Cool things I’ve found so far:

A few months ago, I thought I saw a Google car go past me in Glen Huntly Road. Evidently it didn’t take a picture right at that moment, as I can’t see myself anywhere in the pics along there.

In a lot of the pics it looks like summer, and there are Australian Open tennis flags up around the place. In Bentleigh the streetscape remodelling is only half complete. So I’m guessing many of the pictures were taken last summer. And in my street there are empty rubbish bins, so that would have been a Tuesday.

At least my lawn looks tidy.

By Daniel Bowen

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Lucky that your lawn was ok. It is a huge invasion of privacy. We should be told in advance of filming so that we can have our places looking at their best. How would you feel if there was an ugly person walking past your place as it was filmed?

PS You were edited out of the footage. They didn’t want to spoil the streetscape :-P

They did our street in the last few weeks. You can see the For Sale sign on the unit opposite. You can also see our garage is open, but you can’t see the details inside. There’s a guy walking outside my Mum’s place in Glen Huntly Road. If you travel down the street you get to see how he’s moved.

That google street is pretty cool, I just tried it. lets hope it does not become too invasive of privacy

You know I was ok with it in theory but actually seeing my house on the ‘net was just a little bit weird. I noticed though that you can’t read license plates and they blurred the face of the dog walker. It’s not particularly hi-res either so when you zoom in you can’t really see that much.

I don’t know whether I feel glad or not to find out that one whole section of my street (including my house) was missed. But I’ve had a bit of fun looking up friends’ places.

Have a look at the corner of Blanche Street and Greeves Street in St Kilda, a notorious red light district. Bet she is not happy to have been captured.

The photos of our old hosue were taken soemtime in late January. (Under offer sticker is on the for sale sign) And for our current house it was taken in January or later. ( 290+ kms away from our last hosue. One of our cars is in the driveway. We now live in a very small country town so I can pretty much assume the entire town was taken ont eh same day. It was either a weekend or taken during the school holidays as there are no kids at the local schools, no cars there etc. We are currently building but because there are no houses there they stopped at the street just before our block.

I guess We might get to see it update. Depends on how often they decide to do all the small towns.

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