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That’s nutty

On a packet of chocolate (via Marita and Justine)…

Contains nuts and may contain traces of other nuts

See, it’s not just the nuts you need to watch out for. It’s the other nuts as well.

By Daniel Bowen

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9 replies on “That’s nutty”

While funny, I have a feeling that it’s because while there’s nuts in the bar, someone might be allergic to other types of nuts which arn’t explicitly on the ingredients list :)

I bet it’s MEANT to say “contains (specified type of nuts – usually peanuts) and may contain traces of other nuts”. I have seen that notice on products before and it’s not so dumb as there are people who can tolerate some kinds of nuts but not others.

In this case, it was a packet of various types of chocolates. I think Will’s right — what it was trying to say is that some of the chocolates have visible nuts, but even if you can’t see any nuts on others, there might be traces. (But hey, look too closely for an explanation and it spoils the joke!)

People who are allergic to peanuts can become very ill or even die from a trace amount. Their throat swells closed from an allergic reaction and they suffocate. A 15 year old girl in Canada died after being kissed by her boyfriend. He had eaten a peanut butter sandwich earlier that day. I have worked in kitchens and bakeries for many years and some foods can contain trace amounts of others prepared on the same equipment and utensils. A bakery mixer is often scraped out and not washed between batches of different bread dough and bits and chunks of one dough type are then mixed in with the next batch. People like to sue nowdays and these companies do not want to be liable no matter how low the risk or how silly the label seems.

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