Chic, not geek

I find it amusing when there’s a mismatch between things that are apparently hip and modern and up to date, and things that definitely aren’t.

Take this shop for example:

Cool laneway location
Manchester Lane

Grungy warehouse basement position
Basement shop

Daggy antique 80’s blue-screen DOS-based Point Of Sale system (on a flat screen)!
Point Of Sale

My fellow geeks are probably nodding. All you “normal” people are probably wondering what I’m on about.

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What’s normal? I’m surrounded by ‘geeks’ and there seems to be nothing wrong with being a ‘geek’ or a ‘nerd’ nowadays. When I was young it was not a good thing.

What I’m seeing is a POS system that probably works perfectly because it doesn’t rely on a powerful computer weighed down by Windows.

Fair point Phillip, though it’s not like you could go and buy a computer these days that is weighed down by recent-but-usable versions of Windows like XP or Win2K.

heh. Maybe it’s deliberately retro!

What I find amusing is that when you watch a tv show like ’24’ or some other suspenseful show where computers are involved they always have these DOS based programs running LOL…

. . . and computers in TV shows always seem to require the actors to hammer away on keyboards with their commands, even in a graphical user (WIMP) environment. Then the computers responds with all sorts of cute clisks, beeps and whirrs that indicate it’s thinking about it, then spitting out the data.

I guess it’s all part of exaggerating a point to convince viewers? A bit like stage makeup and acting.

Heh! Read something about computers in film the other day – hope it wasn’t on here.

It talked about the huge “Access Denied” dialogue boxes…. or even more stupid – the huge “Access Granted” (imagine being an every day user of a system that wasted your time saying you had gotten access everytime you logged in??)

lol, you know it’s only ‘us geeks’ that would even take notice! I still support a couple of old Clipper / Foxpro DOS-based systems – thankfully I don’t have to touch them very often now..

Honestly I wouldn’t have thought that a regular PC would cut it in Degraves Street. If they were really “that” cool they’d have a an iMac or Mac Book Air chained to the desk.

Not DOS but ncurses on *nix? With your choice of SQL backends.
No BSOD’s, instant responses, no surprises. You can be sure the the “new and improved” windows version is seen as a step backwards by the staff required to work with it.

This is reverse trendism.
While we’re sniggering at their antiquated POS system, they’re sniggering at us in our 3 season old K-Mart kit.
Different strokes for different folks.
If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Ben’s right though. Definitely would have expected a Mac, given the surroundings.

(It’s Manchester Lane though, not Degraves St.)

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