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Apparently the Footscray McDonalds was in a state of MacMourning:

Meanwhile, check this restaurant in North Richmond. I’ll have to try eating there the next time I want some Aussie-Indian-Chinese. It’s trendy, yet traditional.
Aussie Indian Trendy Cuisine

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I actually noticed that restaurant the other day too whilst driving across town!! Would love to know what the ‘trendy’ stuff they serve is.

All the trendy food is served in big “Corey” style sunglasses with one of those goofy looking caps with the long flat peak worn to the side.

Kids today!

The Aussie Indian Chinese restaurant might be a help for me to learn about what’s “trendy” now in Aussie culture (ha ha). As I am staying in Richmond I can probably walk there. What street is the restaurant on??

Jed, it’s Victoria Street, near the corner of Hoddle Street — just next to North Richmond Station. Who knows if the description is accurate. (Well, it can’t be — it can’t be both trendy and traditional at the same time.)

It’s not in Richmond. It’s at 25 Johnston Street COLLINGWOOD – near the corner of Smith St – 5 min walk from Victoria Park Station. It’s pretty funky, but I don’t know about “trendy”. I would say NOT!

>> Apparently the Footscray McDonalds was in a state of MacMourning

Probably over the death of the McChicken Deluxe…. what was the only burger I enjoyed at Maccas has been modified to be the shittiest burger… :(

Then again Maccas overall is crap… the only good burger they ever did was the El Maco…. the “burger that thinks it’s a taco”, and not forgetting those shacker fries that came with it ;)

Peter, maybe there’s a clone of it in Johnston St, but I quite definitely took the photo in Victoria St, North Richmond. (Note the street number next door: 235.)

I will confirm the correct address of this trendy restaurant the next time I walk or tramride to Victoria St. I enjoy Victoria St.and I really like the Vietnamese Pho noodle soup as it is tasty, filling, cheap, and healthy as long as you don’t order the one with fat in it!

By the way I am able to take the train from Richmond station to my new job in Balaclava! I hope to eventually find an apartment that will also be close to a tramline or train station on the Sandringham line. I have held many jobs since 1984 and was never able to use public transportation to get to any of them.

The Aussie-Indian-Chinese place sounds great! Seeing it’s ‘trendy’ I must go there on my next visit back to Aus to regain some ‘street cred.’ I once went to a Chinese-Cuban restaurant in New York about 10 years ago – I wonder if it’s still there – great food!

Daniel,I was on Victoria St. last night and the trendy restaurant is indeed exactaly where you said it would be. I passed on eating there and instead had an excellent meal at Chili Paradise, A Sechwan (sp?)Chinese restaurant down the street. The bowl of hot and sour soup they brought me was so big I had to eat only half of it to have room for the main course. I took the rest of the soup with me in a container to have later.

This may be like a restaurant in Atlanta, GA, USA called Hot Wok ( It serves Indian style Chinese food, just like they make in India. As opposed to authentic Chinese, American style Chinese, or probably Australian style Chinese. Indian style has more vegetarian options, hotter sauces than Chinese style, sweeter sauces than American style, and some Indian spices (which my wife could probably name but I cannot).

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