Before it was a bomb

My old car wasn’t always a 15-year-old bomb. Once upon a time it was the latest in finest automotive excellence.

Even the colour in the ad matches mine!

(Thanks to Tim C for posting this and other fascinating old Aussie commercials onto YouTube)

By Daniel Bowen

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8 replies on “Before it was a bomb”

Oh this truly has me laughing out loud. I still remember when dad’s company car (a Datsun Skyline) was a luxury car!

I loved the bit in those ads where they put a vernier caliper around an interior dome light, as if to tell us their quality control extended to making sure their plastic mouldings all came out the same size.

II always liked that “Please consider” catchphrase. I always interpreted it as “We know it’s a crap car, but have a look before you buy something else.

Have the same kind of car, same colour, same trim level. Brilliant car, no revheads dream by a long shot, that aside though, the engine pulls well, interior and exterior is advanced for its era… As with any car 20 years of beating takes it toll though. (in process of rebuilding and restoring it now, heres to another 20 years hopefully)

The classical music from the original launch ad back in ’91 still sticks in my head – IIRC it had some stuff about how the design of the car was inspired by nature and the shape of the dashboard was compared to a gently rolling hill or some such. I’ll have to see if YouTube has it.

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