Olympic Boulevard

When did they rename Swan Street (west of Punt Road) as Olympic Boulevard? I must have missed that memo.

Swan Street map

Is it just to remind any visiting Sydneysiders that we had an Olympics before them?

For something that happened over fifty years ago, it seems a bit odd to keep actively renaming things to commemorate it. Maybe it’s part of a pattern. Exhibition Street was originally Stephen Street, and was renamed after the 1880 Exhibition… but evidently not officially until 1898.

Makes a change from renaming everything after Monash, I suppose.

We’ve also got lanes named after Dame Edna, and AC-DC. I wonder how long it’ll take for something to be named after someone or something post-Baby Boom?

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For the last two years, everything in Poland has been successively re-named after John Paul II. It took about a week after he died for the Catholic university to be renamed in his honour and by now it seems that every town and village has at least one street, park and roundabout named after him. And on everyone of them there has to be a statue. The funny but unsurprising thing is that apart from these public displays of piety everyone continues on in their usual way, ignoring whatever he said about being ‘nice’ to one another. My years in Oz mean I now get an allergic reaction when I witness this kind of behaviour. I scratch a lot.

Oh, there were quite a few things there named after him, even before he died. (I was there just before).

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