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How many men?

The 2006 Census tells us that in Australia, there are 6,863,624 men above the age of 15.

Of these some 616,033 are in defacto relationships, including same-sex relationships. 3,547,331 are married. 2,700,260 are neither.

The Census doesn’t tell us how many men wash the dishes. But let’s assume for a moment that 30% of those married or in defacto relationships do the dishes at least sometimes. Hopefully it’s higher. And let’s assume all of those who are single do the dishes. Let’s also assume that men aged 75 and over have it done for them. That gives a total of 3,726,455.

So around Australia, over three and a half million men wash the dishes. Maybe not every day (I do it every 2-3 days; the dishwasher takes care of the rest).

My question then is…

Why the hell can’t rubber glove manufacturers make gloves that fit mens’ hands?

I don’t have the biggest hands in the world, but all too often I’ll buy a rubber gloves, supposedly size Large — and there’s none bigger in the supermarket, at least not in the brand that I otherwise like — get them home and find they’re tight on me. Frequently they’re small enough that I can only just squeeze them on and off my hands, and I can feel the bloodflow being constricted as I wash my saucepans.

Or is there a brand/type in XL somewhere that I need to switch to?

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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How come I am always first. I feel like a stalker. I did some bleaching of tile grout today. God, how I struggled to get the rubber glove on and off. It was large size, but too small. I thought I had piano player fingers. Clearly not.

You may have to resort to industrial gloves from a homecenter. I find the supermarket variety tight too. I seldom wear gloves to clean or wash dishes. I use them when handling something harmful like oven cleaner or furniture stripper. The disposible latex or vinyl gloves for medcal or foodservice use do fit well however and I often wore them at work but they are not long enough to wash dishes and keep your hands dry. I have yet to try out Australian gloves.

Men don’t wear gloves.

Only kidding!

You’re clearly looking in the wrong place. The local supermarket that assumes that most shopping is done by wives that also wash up is not the place to buy mens gloves.

Mens gloves are usually made and marketed to protect workers from dangerous acids and chemicals and you’ll find them at industrial saftey places.

Like this place!

I have been able to pick up some XL gloves of the Ansell pink rubber type from my local Safeway. But I have had trouble in the past – and found the large just doesn’t allow minor things like bloodflow through to the fingers.

I don’t use gloves for washing dishes – I have a lightning-snatch technique that minimises water contact, but I do use them for caustics etc.
The large Ansell Super Gloves fit my hands nicely – I didn’t realise mine are below average :-), but the trick is to wear vinyl disposables underneath, and to re-powder the rubber gloves after use, then they glide on and off.
I use the vinyl (not latex) for working on the car etc – best invention since sliced bread.

Seriously, why would you wear gloves to wash dishes. Full grown man afraid of a little dishwater? sad really.

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