Behave, or…

In the spirit of Overheard in Melbourne, this one heard the other day at Victoria Gardens shopping centre while on an Ikea run:

“If you don’t behave, I’ll take you to the police station!”

Puh-lease, talk about an empty threat. Unless the mum thought the kid was guilty of terrorism charges or something. As I’ve said before, lying to your kids doesn’t work.

By Daniel Bowen

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7 replies on “Behave, or…”

… and demonizing the police force is a stupid thing to do. Quite irresponsible IMO.

I was always threatened with a belting if I played up. And often received one. Of course, we can’t so much as threaten our kids with violence anymore now can we, let alone act on the threat?

Funnily enough I was at the police station across from Ross House a few hours ago getting some forms countersigned and a copy witnessed. I could have sworn I heard phone books in the background :-)

It’s not unknown for parents to carry out on that threat, and the cops go along with it (ie. take the kid into a room and tell them they’re being let off with a warning but if mum has to bring them back they’ll be in trouble).

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